Yonko’s Room: exhibition by Yonko Vassilev

10.11.2016 - 04.12.2016

Yonko’s Room is a standing invitation for viewers to peek into the personal space of the artist. Yonko’s studio is his living space, a reality that he constantly recreates, a collector’s boudoir and a veritable “Cabinet of curious objects” (Un cabinet de curiosités).

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Paintings By the Book: paintings exhibition by Anton Terziev

01.09.2016 - 12.09.2016

Have you ever wondered how does a writer paint and a painter writes? Well Anton Terziev is giving an answer with his project “Paintings By the Book” (2015). This project is a period that consists of five paintings representing the five book covers of his five published books.

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Summer Summary: Summer Show

29.07.2016 - 31.08.2016

The exhibition features painting, drawing, photography, objects and collages. The participating artists are Evgeny Batoev, Irina Georgieva, Vera Gotseva – Lomovera, Kalina Dimitrova, Pravdolyub Ivanov, Svetlana Mircheva, Lora Muhovska and RASSIM®

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Doll-Uniform: a show by Dr. Galentin Gatev

27.01.2016 - 16.02.2016

Under the condition of a global hybrid war, societal cataclysm and a civilizational baustop, or maybe just a speed frenzy caused by the velocity of what happens, we would like to point your attention to a topic, not merely important...

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