Paintings By the Book: paintings exhibition by Anton Terziev

Paintings By the Book: paintings exhibition by Anton Terziev

Paintings By the Book: paintings exhibition by Anton Terziev

Have you ever wondered how does a writer paint and a painter writes? Well Anton Terziev is giving an answer with his project “Paintings By the Book” (2015). This project is a period that consists of five paintings representing the five book covers of his five published books. A painting is 208 x 145 cm. But this project is not about painting nor writing nor is about the fusion of these two. The idea is even more so simple…when you have the means and tools why not do it?

The theme is the value of an art product and also about the “book” and it’s “cover”…don’t judge a book by it’s book cover painting. How is it that “quality” and “value” swap their places with ease? And how t the means of the work define the result as a “work of art” or a “product”?

The tremendous over exaggeration of the five book covers demonstrates an ironic point of self promotion. The harsh outlines genuine from previous works as the “MetaCanon”, the “Orthodox Christianity” and “Act on Instinct”. If “Paintings by the book” were a bit more appealing they could`ve caught the eye of an art collector but the whole point of them is not to blend in nor to fulfil the art desires of anyone.

And naturally the idea that a project doesn’t end until the artist has run out of ideas on it. Or in other words a project ends only when it can self destruct. Another project of Anton Terziev “More money – More blood & More money – Less blood” also has these suicidal tendencies,

The link between value and copyrights is also an area that has been reviewed. A book cover has it`s painter but normally this book cover won’t be having the painter` name but rather the publisher`s. You could say that Anton`s authorship has also gone missing because his books and paintings are deforming each other. Just to be clear about it, don`t think that this is a autoportrait or some sort. No, there won’t be any autoportrait nor self promotion for the the painter.

Anton Terziev is a visual artist who paints, draws, performs and occasionally sits down and writes a book. He is a movie critic in his own movie blog Has BAZA Award for Contemporary Art 2010. And this is his 8th individual exhibition.

Daniela Radeva

The project is funded by Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art