Pavilion of Tomorrow: exhibition for 12th Credo Bonum Foundation jubilee

17.05.2018 - 16.06.2018

"Pavilion of Tomorrow" event and exhibition on the occasion of 12 years Credo Bonum Foundation, in which 13 contemporary authors will present their works on Future. During the exhibition from 17 May to 16 June, a series of public events will take place - conceptual discussions and presentation of business ideas for a sustainable future.

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Excursive Objects: Peter Tzanev

05.04.2018 - 29.04.2018

Excursive objects appear as a phenomenal experience, not as "real things" that we can take with us at home, explain to someone or transfer to the museum.

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Choose Training: exhibition by Kalin Serapionov

12.02.2018 - 18.02.2018

Choose Training is a fitness term related to choosing your training program in a closed, air-conditioned space. In Kalin Serapionov’s large-scale video installation Choose Training is a metaphor for today’s world.

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Plastic Paradise

14.12.2017 - 10.01.2018

Plastic cannot biodegrade, it only breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. And humanity keeps producing mountains of it or approximately 300 million tones every year. Will we be able to liberate or suffocate the earth in a disposable plastic bag?

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