The Pressure Cooker – discussion forum by Food for Tough

The Pressure Cooker – discussion forum by Food for Tough

On 5th of November 2016, a half-day discussion forum called “The Pressure Cooker” was held, touching on a variety of topics related to food and nutrition. The event, part of the “Food for Thought” project of the Credo Bonum Foundation, was held at the Sputnik Bar (17 Yanko Sakuzov Blvd.). There were eight special guest speakers at the event, including bloggers, food producers, chefs and others.

The list of names of the participants includes prof. Raina Gavrilova – lecturer at the University of Sofia, former Deputy Minister of Culture, food and nutrition researcher. “What do we expect from food?” was the main topic of her 20-minute lecture. Presian Petrov, one of the founders of the bakery “Brothers Bakers”, spoke about the alchemy of bread. Codes in food communication and cultural peculiarities in graphic design of food products were discussed by Velina Mavrodinova – creative director of Enthusiasm Studio.

Mariana Assenova, co-founder and curator of the “Goatmilk” memories festival in the village of. Gorna Bela Rechka, told more about the project in development “Me and my shoes / tourism by measure”, which explores local foods and tastes in Northwest Bulgaria as a factor for the development of a different type of tourism that protects nature and provides a personal experience for guests and livelihood for hosts.

Among the topics were also the recreation of traditional Bulgarian recipes and the use of forgotten products with lecturer Georgi Boykovski, chef at the restaurant “Cosmos”; How the state, the laws and the people can stop the vicious circle of wasting edible food – by Tsanka Milanova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Food Bank. What is food styling and what is the idea of food design talks Dobrin Atanasov, chef and food stylist at “Cokitchen”. Elisaveta Belobradova, who we know under the pseudonym Letishatata Kozzila Erato, shared why she hates cooking and what a pain it is when you have a husband and three children who like different foods.

The event was held with free entry for all.
The main partner of the project is Bulgarian-American Credit Bank.