Interweavings | An ongoing exhibition by Maria Minkova

Interweavings | An ongoing exhibition by Maria Minkova

Interweavings | An ongoing exhibition by Maria Minkova

Credo Bonum Gallery presents:


An ongoing exhibition by Maria Minkova

5 – 28 April, opening: 12 April, Tuesday, 18:00 – 20:00 hrs.
Credo Bonum and Credo BOX Gallery, 2 Slavyanska St., entrance from Benkovski St.

On 5 April, Maria Minkova will invade Credo Bonum with her story-weaving machine. For a week in the gallery, she will weave her interpretation of events happening around the world. A script written in python created by ghostdog will collect, arrange, “grind” and constantly feed news to the artist. This thick mess of information will forcibly feed the artist’s mind to be woven in the form of a fabric with colours and fabrics loaded with symbols and emotions. Maria Minkova, through her voluntary placement in a weaving-robot role, explores the relationship between the robot-creator and the human-machine. Haven’t we suppressed them for too long? Haven’t we made them work too hard? Are the tables turning now?

Can the artist be enslaved? Is it possible to dehumanize the creative process? These are questions that this ongoing exhibition hopes not to answer.

At the same time, Maria Minkova approaches in a completely new way the expressive possibilities of textiles and the very act of weaving. They are an opportunity to express a personal position, but also a modern visual language appropriating unusual materials and elements loaded with complex semantic content. She weaves among the yarn film tapes, texts, human hair, chains, small objects, depending on the desired artistic message.

The “Interweavings” project begins with the idea of turning the small Credo BOX exhibition space located in the gallery corridor into a weaving frame. Gradually, it stepped out of the niche and took its place in the great hall of the gallery. The small BOX presents the artist’s reaction to the drama of the war. It will feature a series of photographs of what was woven in the first days of hostilities in Ukraine, as well as a short video created by Kalin Serapionov showing the artist’s work method.

Maria Minkova graduated from high school with a degree in Art Textiles and the Academy of Arts in Sofia with a degree in Mural Painting. Lately, she has been fascinated by interweaving and accumulating stories. She has worked in advertising agencies, but she moves smoothly from two to three dimensions with textiles woven into urban installations. She is always ready to discover and tell an interesting story. Founder and main engine of – a thought machine.

See photos from the exhibition: here