FRAGILE | photography Art Show by Johana Trayanova

FRAGILE | photography Art Show by Johana Trayanova

FRAGILE | photography Art Show by Johana Trayanova



Opening: 18 August, Thursday, 18:00 – 20:00 hrs. 

The exhibition can be seen until 10 September 2022

Credo Bonum Gallery, 2 Slavyanska St., entrance from Benkovski St. 


We are both here just once. 

We are here now.

There is no “after”.

We  are actually fragile.


The theme that the FRAGILE photography project explores is… fragility. At its core, fragility is temporary, subtle, and strives for perfection.

Using the form of the botanical blossom, the project observes our temporality, sensibility and fragility.  The leaf, the flower, the stem, the tree bud, come into leaf, smell, fade, wither, die – only once. Another blossom is born, buds, comes into leaf, smells, fades, withers, dies – only once. 

In the search for the fragility of the natural elements hides the fragility of the soul. Our own. 


Are we fragile?


About the process:


The photographic process used is a Polaroid emulsion transfer. An emulsion is an extremely fragile layer with chemistry that can be manipulated only in water. It is very thin, and very easy to be broken. 


Opening: 18 August 2022 at 18:00 hrs. In Credo Bonum Gallery. The exhibition will run until 10 September 2022. The FRAGILE photographic installation is supported by the National Culture Fund, Creative Scholarships program. 

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About the author:


Johana Trayanova (@johana.trayanova) graduated in Dramaturgy in 2014, at the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy of Theater and Film Arts. 

Actively developing her photography passion, in 2018, Johana realized her first solo exhibition DREAMING. The art installation intertwines the means of expression of photography, light and sound. Realized in 167 Place, with the support of the National Culture Fund, Debuts program. 

In 2020, Johana presented her second solo exhibition PIECE OF EARTH. The form of the exhibition is a geodesic sphere that is built in public places. The author again works with the means of expression of photography, sound and form. Supported by the National Culture Fund, program Creative Intervention in Public Environment. The photographic installation participated in the KAPANA Festival in the city of Plovdiv in 2020 and the KvARTal Festival in the city Sofia in 2020.