17-30 October 2022
Opening: 17 October, Monday, 18:30 – 21:00 hrs.
Credo Bonum Gallery, 2 Slavyanska St., entrance from Benkovski St.

People Like Us” presents 18 photographic portraits of advocates for mental health and in support of psychotherapy – momentary states captured by the lens of Vihren Georgiev, People of Sofia.

With their faces and words, 18 brave women search for the answer to what it is to be mentally healthy and thus become co-authors of the exhibition. Through their experiences with psychotherapy or without ever having had contact with it, and through their personal stories, the author-characters of the photographic portraits illuminate in a profound and touching way their understanding of mental pain and suffering and the need for emotional support.

The exhibition gives a close-up to the images of various female characters, ‘people like us’ – working, thinking, loving, suffering, dealing with everyday life and profession. The themes of separation and loss, of the search for identity and belonging, of simple and complex things, of love and death, of the meaning of human living permeate these narratives without binding and giving a universal answer.

In this extraordinary anthology of words, stories and images, truth stands before the camera and sets the tone for the sentence. Become part of the conversation. We are expecting you.


In the international month of mental health – October, meet the images and words in support of mental health of Nadezhda Dermendzhieva, activist for women’s rights; Krasimira Hadjiivanova, blogger; Martina Apostolova, actress; Milena Edvig, curator and gallerist; Gloria Filipova, activist for LGBTI+ rights; Marion Darova, choreographer; Vanya Pandieva, psychologist; Antoaneta Koleva, publisher; Mila Bobadova, veterinarian; Velislava Popova, journalist and editor; Boyana Petkova, pediatrician; Tsvetelina Yosifova, psychotherapist; Angelina Rangelova, children’s teacher; Velina Mavrodinova, graphic designer, illustrator and art director; Irina Nedeva, radio journalist; Lilia Dragoeva, activist and advocate for the rights and education of young people and the LGBTI community; Maya Doneva, expert in social entrepreneurship and social innovation; Mila Mancheva, social researcher in the fields of migration and social inclusion. Stand among the first advocates of mental health in Bulgaria and become part of the support of the idea of ​​mental health as a fundamental human right.

The exhibition “People Like Us” is a natural extension of #ИмаКойДаTeЧуе, a mental health campaign of the Bulgarian Fund for Women and Kabinet: Emergency Psychotherapeutic Help.

If you need support, book an appointment for a free psychotherapy session at 0800 20 202 or at