CREDO BOX: The Silence of Themis

CREDO BOX: The Silence of Themis

CREDO BOX: The Silence of Themis

Credo Bonum Gallery presents:


The Silence of Themis
Efrosina Stoycheva

05.04 – 30.04.2023
Official opening: April 5, 18:30 – 20:00 hrs.
Credo Bonum Gallery, 2 Slavyanska St., entrance from Benkovski St.


“The Silence of Themis” is the quiet question in which we feel the difference between justice and justice administration. Silence is when there is no answer. It, silence, is the very answer – the silent acceptance of the overwhelming fact. The undescribed and unobserved law, boundary, morality which support untruth and obscure the light of law.

With this work, I want to draw attention to some of the non-working laws with which we are left in a state of law – being right does not always mean being protected! Are certain iniquities legalized while the smallest transgressions are severely punished? Is the path to preservation of moral human foundations and the idea of Good and Evil thorny?

What is justice and what is justice administration?

Justice is a concept of moral right and it has to do with natural laws that consequences arise from actions or choices made, while law is justice administration which is a state activity carried out by the judiciary. Among the many nuances of white, I distinguish these: justice in the State – the one that reflects the harmony between a person and the State and when it really overlaps with being protected citizens of society; Justice in Nature and its temple are the natural cycles and consequences that we call disaster. And justice as Fate is the phase in which we decide nothing.

The work was created in 2019, arising from an injustice in my life. Over time, it acquired and was layered with more meaning. After the series of events in recent years in which humanity has lost thousands of victims from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, millions from the limitless and deadly Covid, countless from the inhuman face of the war in Ukraine, thousands of small daily incidents from the house next door or the street we cross lay multiple questions regarding laws and how they fit into our lives. To what extent are we protected, to what extent are we left to fend for ourselves, to what extent is our life predictable?


Efrosina Stoycheva-Efro / lives and works in Sofia. She completed a Master’s program in Art Pedagogy at the St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University, which took her to her current passion – art therapy.

In her works, she experiments with various mixed techniques and formats.

Credo BOX is a small exhibition space, part of the Credo Bonum Gallery, but with its own program. Located at the entrance of the mother gallery, the BOX is a bright niche in which chamber projects of artists are displayed. It is a place for a work of art, for an artistic motto, for a drawing, a photograph, an audio or video work, but also for a small, focused artistic gesture, for words and messages.

More information about Credo BOX can be found on the website of the Foundation and the Gallery, as well as on Facebook.