Young Artists to Follow in 2024
»»» Smack the Soil »»»


Curator: Todor Rabadzhiyski

Artists: Denis Spasov, Andon Bakerov, Niya Tsenkova, Marta Moskova, Yasen Martinov, Marko Lozov, Yoan Girrow, Mina Atanasova, Teodor Georgiev, Ina Miteva, Maria Ilieva

Credo Bonum and Goethe-Institut Bulgaria: 27 February – 23 March 2024
Official opening: 27 February, 18:00 h.

Art Start 2024 unites the authors and their works around the theme of Rhizome. The exhibition is based on the concept of the rhizomatic principle formulated by French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

The fertile soil emerges as a dynamic force, vibrating with messages conveyed through forms, shapes, and sounds. Beneath the surface of the earth, an underground society develops, contradicting hierarchical structures and rejecting vertical principles. Conventional norms of domestic patriarchies and differences are rejected in an underground utopia. Here, connectivity thrives in the invisible world, where minerals, roots, worms, spiders, snails, and insects engage in a constant exchange of fuels and strategies. “Smack thoil” draws inspiration from symbiotic relationships that reflect the rhizomatic nature of thought. Play among different elements reflects the anarchic structure of the rhizome, which rejects linear order and embraces a multitude of connections. In the linguistic Balkan rituals, we find echoes of this rhizomatic label in communal festivities that transcend conventional boundaries.

The roots planted in the soil symbolize not only the physical foundation but also the metaphorical basis of entrenched traditions and belief systems. This excavation becomes a ritual act, intertwining rhizomatic philosophy and approaches from multiple connections, as the soil opens up to reveal hidden layers of significance.


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The exhibition will open on February 27 at both locations and can be seen until March 23.
Working hours Credo Bonum (2 Slavyanska Str.): Mon-Sun 11:00-19:00
Opening hours of the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria (1 Budapest Str.): Mon-Fri: 11:00-19:00


ART START: Young Artists to Follow is a project of the Credo Bonum Gallery with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Partners and co-host: Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.