101 SIDEWAYS – Ivan Mihalev & Elina Cankova

101 SIDEWAYS – Ivan Mihalev & Elina Cankova

101 SIDEWAYS – Ivan Mihalev & Elina Cankova

Credo Bonum Gallery presents some of the photographs that Ivan Mihalev and Elina Tsankova took during their tours of little known places in Bulgaria. The motto of the exhibition “Small getaways and travel as a way of life” suggests the authors’ desire to offer enthralling tale of beautiful places in our country, which attract real travelers rather than tourists.

Ivan Mihalev is 40 years old, journalist, and Elina Tsankova – 29 years old, a specialist in PR. They together make a blog for discoveries and journeys called Sideways (www.otbivki.com), which presents beautiful and little known places in Bulgaria.

The idea for its creation was born in 2012 after one of their journey in the Rhodopes Mountain. “It was a spontaneous desire – we wanted to tell more people about the beauty of this mountain. We came back full of energy and full of impressions that quickly share “, told the authors of Sideways.

The authors set a goal the blog to deliver an entirely new copyright content and quality photos. They choose the name “Sideways” because most suits their philosophy for driving without a set destination, but simply as a way of entertainment and discovery.

For the past three years they have traveled thousands of miles, crossing Bulgaria far and wide. “Sideways” contains not only very useful information about the beautiful places they visited, but also human stories. This distinguishes it from many other tourist sites.

“We like to write about the people we have met along the way – they are an integral part of our travels. We want to navigate readers in places where we were. Get them to feel the emotion, the thrill of the presence of a particular place. To see what it looks like life there. And, hopefully, learn something interesting “, says Elina.

Presentation of the exhibition in the Credo Bonum gallery is accompanied by premiere of the guide by Ivan Mihalev and Elina Tsankova “Sideways 101: Ideas for trips to little known places in Bulgaria”. During the event, the audience will be able to learn more about the places featured in the book, to meet with the authors, and enjoy the pictures of some of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria.