Festival for Art in Public Space “Zapaden Park” 2013

Zapaden Park Festival strives to create a platform where the dynamics, characteristics and oddities of the public space can be seen through the prism of the present. The main goal of the festival for public art is to attract new, active audience. Audience, ready to participate, to change and shape its own living environment according to its own views and needs, and by using the means of art to critically express  position  towards its surroundings.

After the successful start in November-December 2012, Credo Bonum Foundation made the second edition of the festival which ran from 17 to 23 of June 2013 and was placed in Zapaden Park and its surroundings.

Zapaden Park Festival 2013 included rich events program, which accent was pointed to the audience of the children. Curator of the festival is Galina Dimitrova-Dimova. The election commission of the festival chose 22 projects, covering 5 modules – in the park, on stage, for children, workshops and summer cinema.

In the space of Zapaden Park and its surroundings there were different instalations, performances and interventions in the park made by the artists Petko Dourmana, Boryana Ventzislavova, Venelin Shurelov, Andrei Andreev and Eva Popnedeleva, Stefan Shterev, Milena Georgieva and Leopold Kaliche, Ognyana Serafimova, Ivo Domozetov and The Laboratory of Cultural Initiatives AS.  The project of the curator Dessislava Dimova offer lectures-walks, where the lectors Vesela Nojarova, Lachezar Boyadziev and Vasil Georgiev introduced to the public interesting places and stories in and about the park.

On a special scene build in the park, were presented “The street dances of Sofia” – The Core, “Playback theater” – art-group “The Others”, symphonic concert “Classical HappYnings” – Green Deal, poetic-musical performance “From A to ЯR” – Yasen Vasilev, concert of the groups Oratnica and orchestra Fakulteta.

The second edition of Zapaden Park Festival offered rich program for kids and their parents with series of workshops and ateliers – “Little Sofia” – SMART Foundation, “”Fishes and Butterflies ” – Atelier “Fairy world”, “My way, through my vision” – Geri Mateeva, Boryana Krasteva, Boryana Mihalova, “Manifaktura” – Nevena Todorova, Irena Pamukova, Tsveta Mishkova, Nikolai Tabakov, Petko Chernev, Dimitrichka Pavlova. Part of the program was the puppet shows of varvara Pankova and Anatolii Bojinov and the spectacle of the kids from home P.R. Slaveikov “- The Magic Room”– Artist Foundation.

The festival offered a summer cinema, placed in the metro station of Zapaden Park, where screened various film programs, selected by the companies Pozor, Future Shorts, platform Green video, documentary film “Queen of the sun – what are the bees telling us?” and “Project Happiness”.

The full program of the festival can be found on the web site: