Days of Happiness 2013

The second edition of Days of Happiness festival will be held in Sofia and Plovdiv. The project, which gained wide popularity in 2012 is the first of its kind in Eastern Europe, combining series of lectures, an exhibition, film screenings, guerilla actions, and workshops focusing on happiness and ways of leading a happier life.

Days of Happiness 2013 will include two main topics:

Happiness at work

Happiness and children


Happiness at work – one-day seminar /April 20/
The seminar targets people who want to create happier and more productive working environment and everyone who wants to be happier at work. The people who love their job are more motivated, more effective, and generally live happier lives.  Similar to people, the “happy” companies and organizations are more successful than their ”unhappy” competitors.  The seminar will focus on why should business invest in happier work environment, and how to build a happier work place.


Nic Marks founded nef''s award-winning Centre for Well-being and is a recognized expert in the field of well-being research. Nic has devised methodologies to measure well-being and interprets findings in a way that makes sense for policy makers, practitioners and the general public. He was the lead author of nef''s innovative Happy Planet Index, a global index of human well-being and environmental impact. He was an advisor to the UK Government Office for Science''s Foresight project on "mental capital and well-being". Nic has a degree in Management Studies from Cambridge University and is also a qualified psychotherapist.

Alexander Kjerulf AKA The Chief Happiness Officer is one of the world''s leading experts on happiness at work and the best-selling author of 3 books including Happy Hour is 9 to 5. He speaks and consults in businesses all over the world, including leading organizatons like IBM, Hilton, LEGO, HP, IKEA and many others.

Kids and Happiness – one-day seminar /June 18/
The seminar will discuss what we can learn about happiness from the youngest members of our society, what can children tell us about their happiness and how can we be happier parents.

Guest speaker:  Lenore Skenazy
Lenore Skenazy is the author of “Free-Range Kids” – a book which discusses how we can raise our kids in a safe environment without getting too obsessed. Lenore is dubbed “America’s Worst Mom” after she lets her 9-year-old son ride the New York subway alone. Lenore is a columnist for the Washington Post and a host of the TV show “World’s Worst Mom” on Discovery Channel. She strongly believes that “noone is a perfect parent and this is OK.”

Screening of “Project Happiness”/May/
Project Happiness is an award-winning documentary, in which youth from three continents interview George Lucas, Richard Gere and neuroscientist Richard Davidson on the nature of lasting happiness. Then, they travel to India for an unforgettable private audience with the XIV Dalai Lama. The film gives us a new perspective on how to expand happiness and live a meaningful life.

Introduction of the educational program “Circles of Happiness” (author: Randy Taran) in two selected schools in Sofia. The program aims to help teachers be more resilient to the stress environment  in which they work and encourage kids to think more about their happiness, taking  up the discussion not only in school, but also home with their parents.

Professionally trained coach will work with the schools and later will discuss the results at a special event.

Describe Happiness campaign in selected schools in Sofia and Plovdiv will encourage kids to draw, describe, or express in other ways the meaning of happiness according to them. The best works will be exhibited in Credo Bonum gallery during the Happiness and children events.

TEDxHappyHour –  1 hour of selected happiness videos from the global platform TED will be shown at a screening event in Credo Bonum Gallery.

Laughter Yoga – 1 hour workshop , which combines yoga practices, meditation and smiles.

Days of Happiness in Plovdiv

•       Screening of “Happy”

•       “The Balloons of Bhutan” exhibition in the Ancient Bath

•       A workshop, a lecture, and other activities