Open call for project proposals, Open Air Art Festival

 CredoBonum Foundation, in partnership with the Sofia Municipality,is organizing an outdoor art festival in Zapaden Park. Theinitiativeispartoftheproject: „ArtFestivalsinpublicspace: SOFIACONTEMPORARYandOpenAirFestivalinZapadenPark”, under contractBG161PO001/1.1-10/2010 with the Sofia Municipality, funded by the EURegional Development Operational Program2007-2013 г.

In connection with the organization of the pilot edition of the festival, which will be held onNovember 3 to 11, 2012 inZapaden Park, Credo Bonum Foundation announces an open call for projects and presentations related to art in public realm.

The project aims to develop a platform for the organization of an urban festival in the peripheral areas, with a rich program of events that change the appearance of the urban environment and mediate in the communication with the audience.

The idea of ​​the festival is to introduce the audience to various forms of contemporary art and to show the rich resource it can offer in the process of changing established attitudes and relationships. The program relies on a synthesis of arts, simple language and interaction which changes the position of the audience from passive observers to active participants.

This edition''s programmefocuses on educational actions and discussions of theproblems of public art with specific examples from the Bulgarian and international practice.

The festival''s main venues this year are Zapaden Park, the Zapaden Park and Vardar metro stations. Various alternative locations in the surrounding districts, inter-building spaces, party walls etc. may also be included.

Part of the educational program will be presented in Credo Bonum Gallery.

More information about Zapaden Park and the surroundings

Zapaden Park, also known as "Hristo Smirnenski", is the largest park in Sofia. It was built in 1955-1960 between the Zapaden Park, Lyulin, Fakulteta, Krasna Polyana, Zaharna Fabrika and Gevgeliyski neighborhoods, which have a combined population of 212,100 people. The park is part of the Ilinden metropolitan district. The Suhodolska River and the railroad for Pernik run through the park. Decades ago the park used to be the capital''s nursery for many plant species. Zapaden Park has existing infrastructure but no night lighting.

The metro station located below Tsaritsa Yoanna Boulevard is named after the park. The entrance to Zapaden Park is on Slivnitsa Boulevard.

The area surrounding the park has a well-established and successfully operating large network of educational, cultural, health and social institutions.

Types of projects eligible to apply

The call is open to all forms of art in public space.

The program of the festival''s pilot edition is divided into two modules: *


Proposals for the realization of specific events as part of the festival are accepted in the Projects module.

Exhibitions - including unusual solutions adapted to performance in public space, curator projects, solo exhibitions, a synthesis of architecture and visual arts, the full spectrum of media and modes in contemporary art, contemporary park sculpture

Installations - including land art, kinetic art, audiovisual, light and sound installations, architecture.

Concerts - including festival selections, live performances, DJs

Performances - including actions, dance, play, curator selections, individual and group projects.

Theatre performances - including children''s puppet theatres, visiting theatres


Proposals for presentations and discussions on the problems of art in public space and the interaction between arts and audience are accepted in the Education module.

Presentations - including meetings with visiting artists and curators, thematic lectures, series or single events.

Screenings - including video documentation of past projects, festivals, lectures, documentaries, videos of Bulgarian and international artists.

Workshops - including thematic workshops, children''s studies, one-day actions in all spheres of modern culture.

* The examples aim to illustrate the selection criteria to candidates, but are not binding and do not exhaust all possibilities within each module.


In the Projects module:

Project proposals should meet more than one of the following criteria:

- to be intended for public space (parks, metro stations and other spaces in the surrounding neighborhoods of Zapaden Park (Lyulin, ZapadenPark, Zaharna Fabrika,                       Fakulteta, Krasna Polyana, Gevgeliyski)

- to be focused on communication and aimed at an unprepared audience and casual viewers

- to be related to causes and messages of social responsibility

- to encourage change in the attitude towards the environment in which they are implemented

to offer audience participation

- to promote communication between the festival''s main venue and the neighborhoods in the area of Zapaden Park

Both new ideas for projects and already realized ideas, but adapted to this particular environment and audience, can be submitted. The proposed projects must be original and time-feasible.

In the Education module:

Proposals should meet more than one of the following criteria:

- to be thematically consistent with the programming focused on art in public space

- to promote the development of artists and audience for such projects in our country

- to be designed for the specific venues of the festival

- to be related to causes and messages of social responsibility

- to offer audience participation 

- to promote communication between the festival''slocations

The general thematic framework of the festival is "Open Air Art, Art in Public Space". Participants can choose the topic and the specific issues that their projects will discuss within this framework.

The budget of each project should be as realistic as possible and include a detailed list of all funds needed for its accomplishment, including production costs, materials and services, travel, accommodation, fees.

Note: Prior knowledge of the terrain and awareness of the season in which the festival will be held this year will contribute to an adequate structuring of the concepts and budget and, therefore, will offer an advantage when proposals are considered.

We will not support:

• projects with unsettled  rights under the Law on copyright and related rights;

• projects that violate human rights or incite conflict on ethnic and religious grounds; discriminate various groups and sub-cultures based on gender or sexual orientation, or           present them in an unfavorable light;

• Projects for actions and activities of political parties.

Who can apply?

Natural and legal persons - artists, curators, organizations, troupes, creative groups, galleries and museums, NGOs from Bulgaria and abroad can take part in the open call.

Project selection

The selection of the proposals will be made by the project''s curators Galina Dimitrova-Dimova and Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, the Credo Bonum Foundation organizing team – Dimitar Bogdanov, Simeon Vassilev, Nicolette Jensen, and a public panel including Georgi Lozanov, Olga Kovgan and Snejana Krasteva.

How to apply?

The application documentation consists of:

- A completed form which can be downloaded from the website of the Credo Bonum Foundation: / Open call for projects – Open Air Arts Festival

- preliminary project proposal outline- up to one standard page

- Brief CVs of authors, curators (up to 300 words)

- Visual materials - photos, videos, diagrams (no more than 10 MB in size)

- A budget

The documents and materials should be sent by e-mail to:

The deadline for submission of the projects is June 4, 2012.

The results will be announced within a month after the application deadline.

For more information:

Credo Bonum Foundation

tel. 02/815 96 19