Project dedicated to the Black History Month

Credo Bonum foundation in partnership with the Embassy of the USA in Bulgaria present series of activities in celebration of the Black History Month 2012. Black & White & Jazz exhibition, February 20th - March 17th, examines the lives of African Americans who have made extraordinary achievements in the field of jazz music and explores the biographies of some of the most notable jazz legends who stepped onto the stage and made entertainment history.

The images are part of the archive collections of Getty Images, officially represented in Bulgaria by Guliver Photos. The photographs in the exhibition feature a mix of formal studio portraits and seemingly unposed and dynamic images, dating from 1938 to 2008, evoking the personal stories and hard-won victories of influential African Americans who helped shape the life of their nation over the past 150 years. The exhibition includes never been shown before photographs of African American musicians who had performed in Bulgaria in the past decades, taken by the award winning Bulgarian artist Zafer Galibov.

The exhibition is supported by different activities such as kids workshop Jazz for Kids, lecture of a famous radio host from the radio show All-Time Jazz Masters, musical concert at the gallery, dance evening and many more.

The project meets the objectives set by the Foundation and responds accurately to its credo - despite difficulties, despite social prejudice, we must fight for what we love and what we most believe in.

Black History Month, inspired by Carter G. Woodson, is celebrated in February and originated in 1926 in the USA and Canada as a recognition of the African Americans’ contribution to the development of the American history and culture. Today this holiday has its own unique meaning as a symbol of racial and ethnic tolerance.