Visit of Princess Laurentien van Oranje in Bulgaria

Credo Bonum foundation organized the first visit of Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands in Bulgaria for the launch of her book "Mr. Finney and the world turned upside-down". During her visit, Princess Laurentien opened the 30th edition of the International Book Fair, officially launched her children''s book at a special event at Credo Bonum Gallery, which was attended by the Minister of economy, energy and tourism - Mr. Traicho Traikov, by the Minister of education, youth and science - Mr. Sergei Ignatov, the ex-president of Bulgaria - Mr. Petar Stoyanov and other important guests.

Princess Laurentien also hosted a workshop for kids at Credo Bonum gallery about sustainability. The children and the Princess discussed issues concerning the planet and our behaviour towards it and how to build a different mindset about a sustainable way of living.

New Bulgarian University, Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”, The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, Credo Bonum Foundation and Publishing House Ciela organized lecture of Princess Laurentien van Orajne-Nassau of the Netherlands - “A different mindset for a sustainable future: the value of inter-generational dialogue.

Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands has worked on sustainability and environmental issues for several years. She frequently gives speeches to policy-makers, business people as well as children about her motivations behind the book and conducts workshops with children. In 2004, Princess Laurentien established the Reading and Writing Foundation in the Netherlands (, which focuses on the prevention and reduction of illiteracy. She is UNESCO’s Special Envoy on Literacy for Development en chairs de High Level Group on Literacy set up by the European Commission. She is often called “the language princess” and “the country’s reading mother”. Princess Laurentien and Prince Constantijn have 3 children: Eloise (7), Claus-Casimir (5) and Leonore (3).

Award-winning illustrator Sieb Posthuma created the Mr Finney character. He is one of the most renowned illustrators and author of children’s books in the Netherlands whose work is published in several countries. He has won several prizes, including the ‘Illustrator of the Year 2009’ (Golden Brush 2009 - Gouden Penseel 2009).

Mr Finney’s positive, lightly philosophical and decisive outlook appeals to children and adults alike. Mr Finney does what children do and what adults would actually like to do more often: question the world around them, ask the simple yet highly relevant questions and realize that “solutions are often closer by than you think.” The stories of Mr Finney are about real-life situations and thus stimulate children to ask questions and by doing so, they do not only enjoy Mr Finney’s adventures, but also make adults think afresh about these themes. The overall goal is to stimulate dialogue between children and adults, with a view to build a different mindset about ‘a sustainable way of living’, through children asking the key questions.

In the first book, Mr Finney goes in search of why there is a flag at the bottom of the ocean (the news about this event is the author´s initial source of inspiration). The second is about an island disappearing under water and the effect on the lives of the inhabitants. Mr Finney and his friends again go on a journey in search for answers and solutions.

Mr. Finney and the world turned upside-down

Mr Finney often sits on the bottom branch of his favorite tree, philosophizing with his best friend Snail. But their quiet lives change with the sudden arrival of Pinky Pepper, a pink and adorable creature who prefers to ‘glimp’ around the world at great speed. She shows Mr Finney and Snail a number of images on her SuperBeeBee – a multi-functional communications device – that are totally new to them: from large cities and oceans to rainforests and … a flag at the bottom of the ocean. The images trigger Mr Finney’s curiosity about the world outside his garden. He has endless questions, but before he knows it, Pinky Pepper has already disappeared. To find answers, Mr Finney decides to go on a journey. He meets a lot of different animals and discovers that the world isn’t always so pretty. He learns that it helps to ask simple questions and that “solutions are often closer-by than you think”.