Slow Art Day Sofia

The day for viewing art slowly happened this year for a first time in Sofia, organized by Credo Bonum Foundation. A lot of people participated in it and were inspired to view art in a different way.

Phil Terry, founder of the Reading Odyssey and CEO of Creative Good, started Slow Art Day with the hope of changing the "8-second rule" - i.e. the widely reported statistic that when visiting a museum most people spend only about 8 seconds at each piece of art. And, then leave the museum tired, not inspired. What would happen if visitors were instructed to spend 5 or 10 minutes looking at only 5 or 10 total pieces of art? Would this make it possible to share the secret that art experts, curators, educators, artists and others know: that if you look slowly, your experience will be transformed? The alpha test for Slow Art Day occurred in the summer of 2009 at MoMA in New York with four people. Since then the initiative has spread around the world, involving more and more participants each year.